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"I rate your organization of the event a 10+. A lot of dance time...Lessons challenged me."

~Diane Schmidt


"I thought you guys did a great job of organizing us all...Dance instructors were great...Everyone was very gracious and supportive of those of us who didn't know West Coast Swing. All in all it was a great cruise. You did a very good job."

~Joy Kosterman


"Thank you all so much! You worked so hard to make this a smooth sailing and instructors gave and gave of their time. Thanks!!"

~Collins and Wanda Lefebvre


"Great job, thank you so much & great time."

~Carla Voigt


"The cruise was great, people were fun and dancing was wonderful."

~Bart & Diana Reid


"Come join us in the 2017 dance cruise! It is an awesome time! We will be on the Norwegian Epic!! You can't find a better set of dance instructors and people all in one place!"

~Georgeanna Midland Seager


"This cruise is going to be a blast. Brad and Michele are AWESOME! Looking forward to dancing all day and night :)"

~Lacey Malone


We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are!

I would say our voyage and week onboard the Norwegian Epic was an #Epicsuccess. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns and even some “crashes” and broken promises...but how we view them and choose to respond is completely in our control!!


We didn’t get to see any of the islands that were on our cruise agenda, and we were a day late getting home due to malfunctioning engines, power issues, and a run in with the pier in San Juan - having to rebook all of our flights and deboard/reboard for an extra night. However, we had an absolute BLAST on this cruise and everything was handled beautifully by the cruise staff and #Letsdancetravel. I took so many dance classes and had so much fun dancing with this group that I had to wear flip flops home on my blistered and battered feet...and I already signed up to go again next year!!


Many thanks to the incredible instructors and everyone who managed this trip for us!!

~Brittani Simpson

"Exciting and new, come aboard, the Norwegian Epic, we're expecting you. As we set a course for adventure in the beautiful ports of Tortola, St. Thomas and more. There will be days and nights for dancing and more. The 2017 dance cruise has something for everyone. Book now, don't be left at the dock, I know you really want to wiggle your feet on warm, white-sand beaches."

~Kevin Schwegel


"Oh, how I wanted to be there with you all on this last cruise in 2016. Oh, how I love to dance. And to make new friends, this is the best way ever. I am now ready to kick up my heels again and enjoy the wonderful time with all the friends that I met and that will be going in 2017. I hope that I will NOT miss another Lets Dance Cruise."

~Mary Ford


"Dance Cruise 2017...looking forward to checking out the Norwegian Epic cruise liner, let's go to the 'dance,' fun in the sun with a whole bunch of friends & soon-to-be newfound friends. Hope to see Y'all there!!"

~Carla Weisenberger Voigt


"Didn't know what to expect. I had never been on a cruise before. I had a blast! Great dancing, great people and the organizers were the best and went above and beyond to make it a great experience for everyone! You can do as much or as little dancing as you like. Can't wait to go again."

~Sue Daniels


Marcy and I have been instructors on several dance cruises over the years and we must say that this has been the very best one yet.

We want to give props to our fearless leaders, Brad Eaton, and Michele Eaton. You guys did an amazing job. Everything was so organized and even with everything happening on the ship, you kept all of us informed and in the loop.

We had so much fun with Christopher Todd LongsworthJamie HoytEric ZimmerJenica ZimmerRobin RobinsonKevin Schwegel, and Dennis Homan The best and most fun group of dancers around and we felt privileged to be part of this group. You guys Rock!!
We can’t wait until next year.

~Lee & Marcy Harpe

Had a great time with these folks on our first dance cruise! Even with the ship’s mechanical issues, we had lots of fun dancing and enjoying new friends!

~Rita Jones Westmoreland

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