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Group Classes

at Sanders Beach

Group classes are held each Wednesday at Sanders Beach
Community Center. Sanders Beach is located at 913 South "I" Street in Pensacola. Cost is $15 per person, per night.

NO partner is needed.
NO experience is required.
NO contracts ever.
Dress is casual.

The dance style taught changes each month and is decided on by a majority vote of the students.
For the month of April, 2024 we will be teaching Cha Cha. Cha Cha is a fun, cheeky dance that is a great social dance and perfect for smaller dance spaces.

Class Format:
6:00-6:25pm Check-In/Registration
6:30-7:00pm Foundation Movement and Timing
7:00-8:00pm Fun, Social, Leadable Pattern
8:00-8:30pm Practice Time
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Private Lessons w/ Todd & Jamie

We offer private lessons for individuals that want to take their dancing to the next level. Whether you want to become a competitive dancer, want to improve your social dancing skills or need some assistance before a wedding or reunion, we can help. We are fun and affordable and have flexible schedules. $70 an hour for either instructor individually. $120 an hour for both instructors together. 

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